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How to use NOABL

How to use NOABL

Wind speed logging 

This method is very cheap and quick, however the information returned from the NOABL model is the average for a square kilometre. The model does not take account of trees and buildings. – There is considerable scope for variation within one square kilometre. For example:

  • A site at the bottom of a valley will have a lower wind speed than the average
  • A site at the top of a hill will have higher wind speed than the average
  • The model doesn’t include the effect of sea breezes on coastal sites. Usually add around 0.5m/s to it
  • Usually the model is more accurate on flat open countryside areas than on very variable terrain

General Wind MAP of UK


If you want to use the UK wind speed database, follow this instructions:

  1. The UK wind speed database works using a six character Ordnance Survey grid reference. To find this grid reference you can use the following conversion tool, from Streetmap: Findyour grid reference here

  2. You will need to edit the eight character LR value that's returned:
    1. Eg. Our postcode is "G52 4RU". Typing this into the above converter returns:
    2. LR - "NS 523 654"

  3. The database uses a six digit grid reference, so you need to drop the third digit from each of the two numbers: this would make the above example "NS 52 64"

  4. Click the link below to use the DTI Wind speed database:
    1. DTI Wind speed database

  5. Select a region and type in the six character grid reference as described above with no spaces and then hit the Find Wind Data button. This should return the wind speeds for the locatiopn you specified. In our case it returne:

    1. 5.1 m/s at 10 meters height
    2. 6 m/s at 25 meters height
    3. 6.7 m/s at 45 meters height

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