WindLogger with 2 anemometers & wind vane


This kit utilises the windlogger feature of having 2 Anemometer inputs, so you can measure the wind speed at two different heights 
This kit brings all the key features from a Profesional Wind Monitoring system but at an entry level price. The kit comes with:

 • 2 x Combined Anemometer with wind vane, with 13 meters of cable and attachment support for the mast
 • Quick guide installataion
 • Batteries and Industrial grade SD card.

Below some specifications for the system.

Average, Standard deviation and Gust wind speed recorded every 1 minute or 10 minutes
• Free second anemometer input for measuring at two heights.
• Time series recorded data
Rugged IP65 enclosure
• Powered with two small C type Alkaline batteries
• Spreadsheet template for calculating frequency distribution, wind roses and Energy output from chosen wind turbine


  • Rugged design IP65 enclosure
  • 2 x Anemometer inputs + 1 Wind vane
  • Low power consumption, runs on alkaline batteries
  • Data stored on SD/MMC card in CSV files (spreadsheet)
  • Recording interval: 1 minute or 10 minutes
  • OTR: -15’C to +50’C
  • Communications: RS232 compatible
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